Black Girl In Om creates a space for women of color to breathe easy” that’s the motto of Black Girl In Om, a wellness platform that has been championing the holistic wellness of women of color through their online podcast. Through conversations on mental health, self-awareness, and everything else in between, the show encourages women of color to take a holistic approach to their well-being.20902514 325381794555997 3362892953918898176 n 300x300 - Mindfulness Made Easy with @BlackGirlInOm

Usually featuring a line-up of women who are experts within their respective wellness and beauty fields, the show’s visitors include holistic lifestylists, yogis, and clean beauty experts among others.

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BGIO founder, Lauren Ash is changing the face of wellness! Ash was moved to create the platform when she noticed the ubiquitous and severe under-representation of Black women in her yoga classes.

Recognizing the strength in the communities of black women that she found herself in, she decided to mobilize a group of remarkable women to join her in sharing their individual wellness journeys, with the goal of bringing black sisterhood and a culture of self-care to women across the country.

Listen to their conversation with CRWN magazine founder Lindsey Day and get your L-I-F-E!