2 White Men Who Brutally Attacked Black Woman At Duluth Bar Get Lesser Assault Charges

by Gee NY

The two White men who brutally attacked a Black woman at the Rustic Bar in Duluth, Minnesota on Sept. 12 have been charged with what activists are describing as lesser assault offences.

The two individuals whose assault on Michelle Folson grabbed national headlines have been identified as Mylon Griak, 56, and Scott Rabold, 41. The charges brought against them are for misdemeanor 5th-degree assault.

Reports say the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office has determined that the incident does not involve any chargeable crimes within their jurisdiction, specifically at the felony level.

A statement released by the Duluth Police Department on September 29 confirms the completion of their investigation into the Rustic Bar incident. The decision not to pursue gross misdemeanor or felony charges, in this case, falls within the sole jurisdiction of the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office.

Additionally, the Duluth Police Department clarified that, after a review by The Duluth City Attorney’s Office, the men will be issued citations but will not be taken into custody, in accordance with Minnesota Statute regulations.

Initial findings from the police department indicated that the two white men intervened in what they perceived as a physical altercation between the assault victim and another woman.

As ShineMyCrown reported initially, surveillance footage showed Folson initially engaged in a verbal dispute that escalated to a physical confrontation, at which point the two men intervened and allegedly assaulted the female.

Following the assault, the victim’s daughter, Katasia Khabeer, launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to cover her mother’s rent and other essential expenses while she is on leave from work to recover.

In her plea for support, Khabeer detailed the severe physical and emotional toll the incident took on her mother, including a broken nose, swollen eyes, a cut between her eyebrows, and a swollen head.

Notably, law enforcement was not contacted during the assault at the bar; instead, Khabeer made a 911 call after her mother arrived at her workplace. An update on September 20 revealed that the victim had been diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

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