Scientist Who Pioneered Historic Cancer Cure Using Laser Tech Faces Lack Of Support, Sparking Social Media Outcry

by Gee NY

Dr. Hadiyah Green, a trailblazing Black woman, shattered barriers in the medical field with her groundbreaking cancer treatment a few years ago.

However, despite her remarkable achievement, she is encountering a troubling lack of support, igniting a wave of frustration on social media platforms.

Since 2017, Dr Green’s revolutionary targeted laser treatment for cancer has achieved unprecedented success in laboratory testing with mice, boasting a remarkable 100% elimination rate in just 15 days, all without any observed side effects.

Her research represents a beacon of hope in the fight against cancer, offering a potential game-changer in medical science.

Despite the immense potential of Dr. Green’s discovery, she has struggled to secure the necessary funding and recognition to advance her research and bring her life-saving treatment to fruition.

Recently, she spoke about her research and its potential on The Talk and the glaring lack of support for her work prompted widespread outrage on social media platforms.

Many commentators on Instagram expressed disbelief and frustration at the apparent neglect of such a groundbreaking advancement.

Messages of support and calls to action have flooded social media feeds, with users emphasizing the urgency of rallying around Dr. Green and her groundbreaking research.

@masante25 wrote:

“She has been out there for a while now and on TikTok for a few years now speaking of this, but she’s not getting the funding and recognition it will take to finally bring her research to fruition. It’s so sad because the world could truly benefit from this. She should be going viral.”

Another commentator (@olivianicolequinones) said on IG:

“Ok, so why aren’t we using her discovery to cure people?!!”

“I saw this and initially thought protect her at all cost,” another said.

Many are also urging others to donate to her cause and amplify awareness of her vital work, stressing the profound impact her treatment could have on countless lives.

“We need to rally around her and donate to her cause. 🙏🏽✊🏾🎀,” someone said.

For many others on social media, Dr. Hadiyah Green’s story serves as a stark reminder of the systemic barriers faced by marginalized researchers in accessing resources and support.

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