ShineMyCrown's Favorite Tracks of the Week ft. @SZA, @UCanCallMeLA, @IbeyiOfficial, @Sevdaliza x @itskamaiyah ‏ - Shine My Crown.♕

ShineMyCrown's Favorite Tracks of the Week ft. @SZA, @UCanCallMeLA, @IbeyiOfficial, @Sevdaliza x @itskamaiyah ‏

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It's Sunday. Let's be honest, all we really want to do today is just chill. We've put together five of our favorite videos from the past few weeks for you to vibe out to. A brief, yet melodious #ICYMI of music we love!

Ibeyi - "Away Away"

French-Cuban duo Ibeyi dropped their high energy, Christian Beuchet-directed visuals for "Away Away."

Sevdaliza - "Bluecid"

Iranian songstress Sevdaliza breaks out her sultriest moves for her most recent video "Bluecid". Her co-star François Sagat, a well-known French porn star and he knows how to move! The song is off her album ISON.

Latasha Alcindor - "Don't Be Mad"

Brooklynite Latasha Alcindor releases another visual off her new Teen Nite At Empire EP.
2017 belongs to L.A.

Kamaiyah - "Build You Up"

The XXL Freshman takes it back to the 90's in her new video "Build You Up". If there was ever a way to turn her doubters into cheerleaders, an old-school 90's theme is it!

SZA - "Drew Barrymore"

"Somebody get the tacos, somebody spark the blunt/ Let's start the/ Narcos off at episode one/ Bring the gin, got the juice/ Bring the sin, got that too"... What else needs to be said? Press play!