Bangs – Hairstyles

by Shine My Crown Staff
Alias: Fringes, Face-framing bangs, Temple tresses, Face curtains, Forehead fringe, Face veil, Brow curtains



What are bangs?
Bangs are a hairstyle in which a section of hair is cut and styled to fall over the forehead, creating a fringe. They are characterized by a shorter length compared to the rest of the hair and can be styled in various ways to complement different hairstyles.

Are bangs suitable for all face shapes?
Bangs can be adapted to suit various face shapes, but some styles may be more flattering than others. Different bangs styles such as side-swept, blunt, or wispy can help balance and enhance different facial features. It is recommended to consult with a hairstylist to determine the most suitable bangs style for your face shape.

How do I choose the right type of bangs for me?
Choosing the right type of bangs depends on several factors, including face shape, hair texture, and personal style preferences. Consider factors such as your forehead size, facial features, and the level of maintenance you are willing to commit to styling your bangs. Consulting with a hairstylist can provide valuable guidance and help you select the best bangs style for you.

Can I cut bangs myself at home?
While it is possible to cut bangs at home, it is recommended to seek professional assistance from a hairstylist. Cutting bangs requires precision and expertise to achieve the desired look and avoid any mistakes. A hairstylist can assess your hair type, face shape, and style preferences to create bangs that suit you best.

How do I style bangs?
Styling bangs depends on the desired look and the length of your bangs. You can style bangs using a round brush and blow dryer to create volume and shape, use a straightening iron for a sleek and polished look, or use styling products to add texture or hold. Experimenting with different techniques and products can help you achieve various styles with your bangs.


Bangs have a long history and have been popularized in various eras. They have been documented in ancient Egyptian and Roman hairstyles, and they gained prominence during the Renaissance period. In the 20th century, bangs experienced different trends and variations, becoming a staple in fashion and hairstyle choices. Today, bangs continue to be a versatile and popular hairstyle option.

Products Needed:

  • Comb or brush
  • Hair clips or bobby pins
  • Styling products (such as hairspray, gel, or mousse)
  • Styling tools (such as a round brush, blow dryer, or straightening iron)


Step 1: Prepare

  • Start with clean and dry hair. Ensure your hair is tangle-free by combing or brushing it.

Step 2: Section the Hair

  • Use a comb to section off the hair you want to become bangs. This section should extend from the hairline to where you want the bangs to end.

Step 3: Secure the Rest of the Hair

  • Use hair clips or bobby pins to secure the remaining hair away from the bangs section. This will prevent any interference while cutting and styling the bangs.

Step 4: Cut the Bangs

  • If you’re confident in cutting your bangs at home, carefully trim them to the desired length using sharp hair cutting scissors. Start by cutting them slightly longer than the desired length, as you can always trim more if needed.

Step 5: Style the Bangs

  • Depending on the desired look, you can style the bangs in various ways. Use a round brush and blow dryer to add volume and shape, a straightening iron for a sleek look, or simply use your fingers to tousle and add texture. Apply styling products, such as hairspray, gel, or mousse, to hold the style in place.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

  • Once you’re satisfied with the style of your bangs, use a mirror to check for any unevenness or stray hairs. Make any necessary adjustments and ensure the bangs blend seamlessly with the rest of your hairstyle.

Final Tips:

  • Regularly trim your bangs to maintain their desired length and shape.
  • Experiment with different bangs styles to find the one that suits your face shape and personal style.
  • Use appropriate styling products and tools to achieve your desired look.
  • If in doubt, consult with a professional hairstylist for guidance and assistance.

With bangs, you can add a touch of versatility and style to your overall hairstyle. Explore different bangs styles and experiment with various techniques to find the perfect look that suits you best.

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