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You Need to Follow THIS Food Account On Instagram | @ChocolateForBasil

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There’s a ton of food accounts on Instagram, but @chocolateforbasil is one of a kind! This food account stands out from the rest because it strikes a common ground for omnivores and vegetarians-- it’s a place where steak lovers can learn to embrace veggie burgers and other such vegetarian delights .

@chocolateforbasil started out as a blog-- a space where Jerrelle Guy, a Boston-based Gastronomy student, would “compile all my food thoughts,” but evidently it has grown to become than that. Guy started her Instagram account as a way to journal her food ideas visually, but it quickly caught fire. The account now boasts over 45k followers, and for all the right reasons. Never has a plant-based diet looked so appealing. From turmeric-coconut spiced lattes, to beet pastramis on homemade rye bread, Guy’s adventurous take on healthy, vegetarian dishes have all of us wanting to turn vegetarian!

Her beautiful images are just the icing on the cake. Crisp and warm, her aesthetic shows an authenticity that is often lacking on Instagram. Feast your eyes on the images below, and don’t forget to follow @chocolateforbasil for more delicious recipes.