Girls Trip Tours: Innovative African Travel Experience Created To Empower African Women Launches in 2018 - Shine My Crown.♕
Ayiba Magazine is crowdfunding on for their new social venture., Girls Trip Tours.

It's the beginning of the year, and many of us are already busy planning our girl's trips.

Girls Trip Tours have just made the planning a lot easier for you and here's how.

Girls Trip Tours helps millennial women confidently explore African destinations while supporting local business women through commerce and empowering young girls through mentorship.

Eyitemi Popo - Interviewing Almost Parisienne in Paris

Not only do they curate travel experiences that empower, but they are building an ecosystem of local and expatriate women who can host or guide female travelers exploring their locales. So your tours will be authentic in every sense of the word.

“Traveling alone as a woman anywhere in the world comes with its challenges and dangers. Africa is no exception. We want to help female travelers explore Africa on their own terms, and in exchange, leverage their expertise to impact the next generation of female leaders across the continent”, says founder Eyitemi Popo.

Eyitemi Popo

According to the press release, Girls Trip Tours is presented by award-winning diaspora publication, Ayiba Magazine.

Girls at Academy

The Girls Trip Tour is currently raising funds via a Crowdfunding page to further their mission and to ensure the organization's longevity. If you'd like to donate, click here.