Trap Magik: Spiritual Healing With Moon Souls #CrownOfficial - Shine My Crown.♕

Trap Magik: Spiritual Healing With Moon Souls #CrownOfficial

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Instagram is a great place to find "hidden gems". Several months back, I stumbled across a page called shopmoonsouls and was instantly intrigued. A sanguine space brimming with kaleidoscopic crystals, vibrant floral wands and emitting such a calm, peaceful energy.

We hope to create a platform where we are able to shine a light on Black and Brown-owned business both large and small., curator of Trap Magik (which is the infusing of Ifá and Santeria magik with a twist), is the perfect brand to kick off our new spotlight.

Check out a few of the Moon Souls' creations below.

"Root workers aren't made, they are chosen. The magik that we process is everlasting, a token we share with those who seek out our ancestral gifts. Moon Souls is a reflection of my listening to my higher self, a chance to spread peace, love, and light, with the wanderers of the world." - Moon Souls Creator x Root worker

Head to where you can purchase these products and so many more, including ritual kits for the magik-ally inclined.