‘Embarrassed’ Kimora Lee Simmons Says Daughter Aoki Was ‘Set Up’ With 65-Year-Old ‘Toad’ Vittorio Assaf 

by Grace Somes
Kimora Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons || Image credit: @kimoraleesimons @aokileesimmons

Kimora Lee Simmons has broken her silence on her daughter, Aoki Lee Simmons’s, PDA pictures with older man Vittorio Assaf, whom she calls a ‘toad.’

According to the fashion mogul, she felt ashamed when she saw pics of her 21-year-old daughter kissing a 65-year-old, especially because she felt like Aoki got played.

The 49-year-old admitted to TMZ Friday that she was “a little bit embarrassed” when her 21-year-old’s St. Bart’s vacation went viral.

When asked about Aoki’s short-lived tryst with restaurateur Vittorio Assaf, the Baby Phat designer didn’t think it was ever a real relationship and even referred to him as just a toad Aoki kissed.

“It’s a loaded question. I don’t think she had an “anything.” I think that was just a—she’s a young pretty girl, and you know, I think that we don’t think that the “toads” that we may kiss are gonna be broadcasted and things.

“And I feel a little bit that she was set up, which is why I try to teach girls, right.”

KLS continues, “I feel like my daughter was set up.”

She doesn’t exactly explain what she means by that, but it’s clear from her statement that her daughter’s head was screwed by the vast age gap.

“Well, there’s definitely an age dynamic there. And I just feel like she was set up a little bit.”


“Probably both. I probably was a little bit embarrassed, but you know I definitely like it is what it is, honey. You can come home, mama’s got your back,” 

Having said that, Mama Simmons did administer a light penalty. 

“Dad does not exist, no! I do the allowance, and no, it hasn’t been up.” Kimora Lee Simmons revealed with a mischievous tiny laugh.   

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