Zendaya Unveils New Fashion And Footwear Line: ‘Dream Together’

by Gee NY

Actress and fashion icon Zendaya has partnered with performance brand On to launch an inspiring new campaign, “Dream Together.”

Featuring a captivating short film, the campaign showcases Zendaya amidst a dynamic group of dancers moving in harmony, symbolizing the unifying power of sport and movement.

This visually stunning piece aims to ignite conversations about community and inclusivity, transcending individual backgrounds.

“Dream Together…is a film about the power of community…We learn,” On explains on its website. “We get back up. Together.”

At the heart of this collaboration is “The Zendaya Edit,” a collection of versatile, all-day comfort wear for both women and men.

The line features the ultra-cushioned Cloudtilt sneaker, perfect for city adventures, and the sleek Cloudnova for everyday wear.

Additionally, the collection includes the breathable Movement Bra and Movement Tights in various colors and an array of hoodies, tees, tanks, shorts, socks, joggers, and crop tops.

“I’ve been a big fan of On for a long time,” Zendaya shared. “And now it’s official… I think this feeling of collaboration and inclusiveness shines through in what we’ve created.”

This collaboration is a seamless extension of Zendaya’s recent role in the tennis drama Challengers, underscoring her commitment to both fashion and performance.

Social media is abuzz with excitement over the On x Zendaya partnership. Fans on X praised the “incredible collaboration,” while others admired the choreography and cinematography of the campaign.

Instagram users echoed this enthusiasm, with comments like “adds to cart immediately” and “I love how inclusive this is 🔥🔥🔥 @on you are crushing it !!!!!!”

The Zendaya Edit’s performance wear ranges from $24 to $270 and is available online.

As the collaboration progresses, On co-founder David Allemann hinted to Complex that fans can look forward to more inspiring campaigns and unique voices, all reflecting On’s dedication to performance and comfort.

Fashion aficionados and Zendaya’s fans alike will want to explore this exciting new collection, as it embodies the perfect blend of style, inclusivity, and innovation.

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