Shanquella Robinson’s Family Will Sue Her Friends Over Her Death While On Vacation In Mexico

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The family of Shanquella Robinson, the woman who tragically died from a spinal injury while on vacation in Mexico, is pursuing justice.

Their lawyer has announced that they will sue the six friends who accompanied her on the trip, alleging that three of them failed to disclose that someone had been beating Shanquella before her death.

Shanquella Brenada Robinson was an American businesswoman, founder of a women’s fashion clothing line, hairstylist and social media personality from North Carolina.

Robinson passed away while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in October 2022. Her family intends to file a civil lawsuit, with their lawyer stating they are motivated by her legacy to seek justice.

Robinson was found unresponsive in a vacation villa, and initially, her fellow travelers claimed her cause of death was alcohol poisoning.

However, an autopsy revealed a severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation as the likely cause of death.

In November 2022, Mexican police disclosed an investigative report suggesting that Robinson remained alive for several hours and received medical attention from a doctor before officials arrived.

Authorities believe that Robinson may have been bullied by the women she was traveling with, leading to an arrest warrant for the crime of femicide.

Despite a video showing Robinson being physically assaulted, in April 2023, federal prosecutors stated that they did not have enough evidence to press criminal charges against the women.

The family’s attorney believes that the U.S. government has not done enough to secure justice for Robinson and that the perpetrators are not being held accountable.

The civil lawsuit is seen as a means to pursue justice, while the FBI Charlotte division continues to investigate.

Sue-Ann Robinson’s office did not provide information about Mexico’s reported extradition request linked to a warrant issued in November.

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