Chloe Bailey Works Her Magic on New Cover of Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Chloe Bailey has added her special sauce to the cover of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.”

While “Marvin’s Room” may not have been one of the Canadian singer’s biggest tracks — it is highkey one of his diehard fan’s favorite cuts and has been reworked several times over by some of the industry’s biggest stars.

The song is called “Marvin’s Room,” as it was recorded in Marvin Gaye’s studio. It’s one of Drake’s producer, 40’s, favorite studios to record in.

“You told me that there’s someone else/ You messing with my confidence/ How you make me feel unwanted/ I’m really trying not to hold a grudge/ But you didn’t send me flowers for my birthday/ And now I’m hurting in the worst way,” Bailey sings.

Ah. A tale many of us know so well. The one who promises so much… but then leaves you high and dry when you need them the most.

“I shouldn’t have to tell a n-gga how to treat me/ You acting like you big enough but not at all/ F-ck that new girl that you got around/ I know she is faking it when you lay it down/ I’ma f-ck your homeboy that’s in my DMs/ You gon’ be left crying but you can’t say sh-t.”

By the end of the clip, it seems Bailey has recognized her worth and is deciding to move on.

“I’m just saying I can do better. Stop calling my phone ’cause we ain’t together/ I’m just saying I’ma do better/ Good girl gone bad on my worst behavior,” she sings.

We love this cover.

The Chloe x Halle star trends every week for her breathtaking videos. And why shouldn’t she? The Beyonce protege can dance, act, sing, write and produce and will likely follow in her mentor’s footsteps in the path to superstardom.

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