Brooke Lauren Sumpter: Talented 8-Year-Old Fashion Prodigy Takes The Industry By Storm

by Gee NY

In a world where dreams know no age, young Brooke Lauren Sumpter, at just eight years old, is already making waves in the fashion industry.

This budding preteen fashion prodigy is quickly rising to stardom, and her journey is capturing the hearts of many.

Recently, Brooke Lauren Sumpter had the honor of creating a dress for none other than the Emmy-nominated actress, New York Times Bestselling author, and entrepreneur, Tabitha Brown.

The stunning gown, designed by Sumpter herself, was worn by Brown at the annual Hollywood event. It marked a remarkable milestone for Sumpter, who excitedly shared her journey on social media, expressing her awe and gratitude for the opportunity.

“Look at 7-year-old me doing a fitting and alterations for @iamtabithabrown for the Emmy Awards,” Sumpter captioned her post. “Who would’ve ever thought My first trip to Cali would be for my designs… I am extremely grateful and I definitely had a blast!!!! Thank you so much @iamtabithabrown.”

Beyond dressing A-list celebrities, Sumpter has achieved two significant “firsts” in the industry. At the tender age of seven, she became the youngest person to showcase her designs during New York Fashion Week.

Additionally, she holds the distinction of being the youngest person to have her own clothing store within a mall. Her accomplishments serve as a testament that you’re never too young to chase your dreams.

Sumpter is the CEO and founder of @brookelaurenchildrensbrand, with a new collection set to launch soon. A sneak peek of her work is already available on her official website, and Sumpter’s primary focus is on “quality.”

In a teaser post on Instagram, the young designer emphasized:

“My Focus is not bigger, it’s quality 🫶🏽 And I want to make sure that it’s something I’m proud of years from now 😍.”

Brooke Lauren Sumpter also appeared on The Tamron Hall Show a few months ago, where she discussed her designs, her historic achievements in the fashion industry, her experience creating the Emmy dress for Tabitha Brown, and much more.

This inspirational story reminds us all that age is no barrier when it comes to following one’s passion and dreams in the world of fashion. Brooke Lauren Sumpter is not just a rising star; she’s an example of the incredible talent that can shine through at any age.

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