Cori Bush: Nearly 500 People Turn Up To Support Missouri Congresswoman As She Launches Reelection Campaign

by Gee NY

In a spirited event at North Oaks Plaza in north St. Louis County on Saturday afternoon, Congresswoman Cori Bush officially kicked off her reelection campaign.

Rallying her supporters, she emphasized the importance of community engagement as she seeks reelection to represent Missouri’s 1st Congressional District.

With nearly 500 attendees present, Bush, the first African-American woman to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives from Missouri, spoke passionately about her commitment to working with elected officials and diverse groups of supporters to amplify their voices in the representation of the St. Louis area.

“It would be so much easier for me to go back to being a nurse every single day, working as a nurse, which I love. But that’s not where my calling is right now,” Bush declared. “My calling is to be here to serve you, to represent you by talking with you, working with you, hearing from you, being out in the street with you, learning what you need, and hearing from you.”

Elected in 2018, Bush has been an outspoken advocate on various issues affecting her constituents. In recent months, she has addressed the global conflict involving Hamas and the sudden closure of a nursing home in north St. Louis.

The Democratic Congresswoman faces a challenge in the 2024 Democratic primary election from St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell, set for August 6, 2024. District 1 encompasses all of St. Louis City and several cities in north and central St. Louis County.

The congressional district seat has not been held by a Republican since 1949, highlighting the historical significance of Bush’s tenure.

As she seeks another term, Bush aims to continue her efforts in championing the concerns and needs of her constituents.

The reelection campaign kickoff event showcased the diversity of support for Bush, with attendees expressing enthusiasm for her grassroots approach and commitment to community involvement.

The upcoming primary election is expected to be closely watched, given the high-profile nature of the race.

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