Claire Reneé Pays Homage With “Easy Come Easy Go (Nights With You)” | @ArtisteRenee

by Yah Yah

Singer/songwriter Claire Reneé follows up the release of her video, “Yes You Are” with “Easy Come Easy Go (Nights With You),” a throwback to the glorious past.

“Easy Come Easy Go (Nights With You)” is about having such a dope vibe and connection with someone and how you don’t want to know what losing that connection will feel like. With an ode to Erykah Badu in the song, touches of classic fashion choices, and glimpses of things we left behind I feel this video can speak to how dope it is to just reminisce and get a sense of nostalgia.”

Decked out in blue overalls, large gold hoop earrings Converse kicks, Renee delves deep into nostalgia. When night falls, Renee breaks out a classic Adidas ‘fit, an old-school Walkman and video camera, as she digests and reflects upon her surroundings.

“I think it’s important to pay homage to things and people that shaped us. For some that’s a past or current lover or friend, for others, it’s something else. We live in a very Easy Come Easy Go world now and it’s important we understand value in such a microwave-based society. Instant gratification causes us to sometimes forget to cherish things and slow down to appreciate them.”

The song is the third track off her Let Me Glo EP.

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