Jennifer Lopez’s $90 Million Las Vegas Residency Deal In Jeopardy Amid Poor Tour Performance

by Gee NY
Jennifer Lopez, performing during halftime at Super Bowl LIV in 2020, has been in talks for months about a Vegas residency. Image Credit: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez’s career seems to be hitting a rough patch as reports indicate she might lose a lucrative $90 million deal.

Despite her long-standing success in the entertainment industry, recent tour and album sales have not met expectations, potentially jeopardizing a significant opportunity.

Sources reveal that MGM has been negotiating with Lopez for a 90-date residency, promising a whopping $1 million per night.

However, the casino giant is reportedly having second thoughts.

Concerns have escalated following the cancellation of seven tour dates due to poor ticket sales, raising doubts about the potential demand for her residency.

The residency deal, which was never officially announced, was highly competitive. Rival casinos had pitched offers ranging from $800,000 to $875,000 per night.

In the end, MGM, in collaboration with Live Nation, proposed the highest bid of $1 million per night, a decision they are now reconsidering.

An insider shared with the New York Post:

“MGM is watching her not doing well on the road. They are very nervous. It’s pretty rare you have a poor tour and then go to Vegas.”

This sentiment paints a picture of the executives’ growing apprehension about moving forward with the deal in light of Lopez’s recent struggles to attract audiences.

As the situation develops, Lopez’s team and MGM’s executives will likely reassess the potential residency’s viability, weighing the risks against the star’s enduring appeal.

Fans and industry watchers will be keen to see if Lopez can turn things around and secure what would be one of the most lucrative deals of her career.

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