DJ Spinderella Demands Apology from Salt-N-Pepa

by Shine My Crown Staff

DJ Spinderella has responded to Salt-N-Pepa’s recently interviewing, demanding an apology.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Spinderalla said that she would consider a reunion with her bandmates Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton if they apologize.

“The relationship is over,” Spinderella told the publication. “The only way something like that would happen is if we get this business handled and they offer an apology to me. […] When you have a legacy, you want to make sure it would outweigh this stuff. I’m not closed off to [a reunion] but I will be respected. I will be treated fairly. … I will never be in a group that does not want to be with me.”

Spinderalla also opened up about what Salt-N-Pepa is supposed to symbolize. “It’s always what it’s been: to uplift women. [But] how are we going to uplift women if we can’t uplift each other? How does that make me feel? You make me feel that I’m not needed. … That’s not uplifting.”

Earlier this week, Salt-N-Pepa responded to Spinderella’s allegations that she was excluded from the biopic.

“I reached out to Spinderella. I feel like this is very unfortunate,” Salt said. “We’ve come to a crossroads where we have decided to agree to disagree. I definitely am open and Pepa’s open. We’ve talked about it and our hearts are open [and] have always been open to Spinderella.”

Pepa chimed in: “There is a part that when Spinderella [said] we excluded her. That part, Salt and I did reach out to consult with the movie.”

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