Officer Involved in Breonna Taylor Fatal Shooting Requests New Trial Location

by Yah Yah

Former Louisville Metro Police Detective Brett Hankison is requesting that his criminal trial be moved out of the city to a new location, citing the “avalanche of publicity” and “media circus” surrounding the police killing of 26-year-old EMT Breonna Taylor.

Hankison’s attorney writes in the motion that holding the trial in Jefferson County would be “irreparably prejudiced and biased” — making it impossible for Hankison to receive a fair trial.

The last trial moved out of Jefferson County took place in 2002 when former Jefferson County corrections officer Timothy Barnes, was accused of killing an inmate in 1998 was held in Lexington. Barnes was acquitted in the death of Adrian Reynolds.

“During the trial and after a verdict is reached, these jurors will return to their homes, jobs, places of worship and other venues,” the motion said. “Some groups of people will be pleased with the verdict. Others not so pleased.”

Hankison’s trial is set for Aug. 31, where he faces three counts of wanton endangerment. He was the only officer out of the three who fired their weapons at Taylor’s apartment on Mar. 13 to face criminal charges.

Last month, the Louisville Metro Police Department finally fired two officers involved in the botched raid that resulted in Taylor’s fatal shooting. The terminations of detectives Joshua Jaynes and Myles Cosgrove were confirmed via a letter from Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Yvette Gentry to the officers.

Jaynes’ attorney Thomas Clay, responded to the firing by announcing his decision to appeal to a city board that reviews police terminations on behalf of his client.

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