Candace Owens Promises To Pay Carlee Russell’s $18k Fine If She’ll Tell America Where She Was Hiding For 48 Hours

by Gee NY

Media personality Candace Owens has stepped forward with a unique proposition for Carlee Russel, the nursing student who is charged with faking her kidnap.

Owens is offering to pay the $18,000 fine imposed on Carlee Russell if she’s willing to disclose to the whole world the unknown aspects of her highly-publicized disappearance.

Carlee Russell made headlines during the summer for her alleged kidnapping hoax. Last week, the UAB nursing student faced criminal charges in Alabama, including false reporting to law enforcement authorities and falsely reporting an incident.

The judge recommended a one-year jail sentence, along with $17,874 in restitution, and two additional fines of $831 each.

Candace Owens, the 34-year-old conservative media personality, extended an intriguing invitation to Russell during a recent episode of “Candace Owen’s Podcast.”

She proposed a sit-down interview where Russell could share the actual events of the night she went missing. In exchange, Candace Owens pledged to cover the substantial $18,000 restitution that Russell owes.

“I mean that. Take it to the bank Carlee Russell. Talk to me on this show about where the heck you were for 48 hours. America deserves to know,” she said on the show.

In July, the 25-year-old Russell alarmed authorities by calling the police while she was on her way home from work, reporting a child walking on Interstate 459.

However, upon reaching the scene, Carlee Russell was nowhere to be found. Almost 48 hours later, she reappeared at her parents’ home, claiming that a man with orange hair had abducted her.

Subsequently, it was revealed that Russell had entirely concocted the incident.

 ShineMyCrown reported that the young nursing student admitted to faking her kidnapping and was found guilty of two separate misdemeanors on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023.

Russell on July 13 made up a story of seeing a toddler by the side of the road and then being kidnapped.

She called 911 that she had seen a toddler walking along the side of Interstate 459. After the police responded to the emergency call, they found Russell’s car on the side of the I-459 with her abandoned phone.

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