Gentrification Is Front And Center of New Political Comedy, ‘@North_Pole_Show’

by Yah Yah

The North Pole is a 7-part political series about three besties, Nina, Marcus and Benny, who prepare to take a stand as the city attempts to gentrify their hometown of North Oakland, CA.

Produced by filmmakers, Josh Healey, Darren Colston, directed by Yvan Iturriaga and starring Reyna Amaya, Donte Clark and Santiago Rosas, The North Pole addresses the issues of gentrification, global warming and somehow manage to throw gluten-free donuts into the mix, all in an incredibly hilarious way, but the important issues still remain the focal point of the series. The show also boasts guest appearances from comedian W. Kamau Bell, rappers Boots Riley and Mistah FAB, and former Black Panther leader Ericka Huggins.

“We wanted to make The North Pole because there’s no place on earth like Oakland”, states Healey, who wrote and produced the series. “And until Neil de Grasse Tyson tells me otherwise, there’s no planet in the universe like Earth. I call both these places home—and both are suffering through their own kind of ‘climate change.’ At a time when whole communities and environments are being displaced and disposed of, The North Pole is our creative picket line-turned-comedy roast—our crazy love letter to Oakland and all the people and places around the world worth defending.”

The North Pole premieres in Oakland September 7th before becoming available worldwide on YouTube.

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