Which Nationality Wouldn’t You Date? (Male Version) | @adwoa_nicoletta ‏

by Yah Yah

We recently posted a video titled, What nationality wouldn’t you date from? In the video, Adwoa Nicoletta hit the London streets to find out which nationalities women are less inclined to date and why? We promised the male version would be on the way, and here it is!

Adwoa asks several London men from a range of different nationalities which races they are opposed to dating. Though some of the responses were humorous, presenter Adwoa was caught off guard by a couple of the answers.

Speaking to ShineMyCrown.com, she relays her astonishment, “I was very surprised when the Nigerian guys also said they wouldn’t date Nigerian girls. It’s like they don’t like their own people” she continued, “Also the Jamaican guy. I think there is more to it than the “plantain” explanation.”

We all have our preferences, but these videos just demonstrate how trivial some of the reasons for them can be.

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