Jennifer Hudson Confirms She Has a ‘Boyfriend’ Amid Rumors She’s Dating Common

by Gee NY

After months of speculation about her love life, Grammy and Oscar-winning star, Jennifer Hudson, has finally confirmed her relationship with a new mystery man.

While there have been ongoing rumors that she’s been dating rapper Common since July 2022, the two stars had kept their relationship under wraps until now.

During the season-two premiere of her talk show, Hudson casually dropped the bombshell while discussing her plans to attend Usher’s Las Vegas residency.

As Hudson expressed her excitement about seeing Usher’s show, she nonchalantly mentioned bringing her “boyfriend” along.

Although she didn’t explicitly say Common’s name, this revelation was enough to confirm the relationship for fans who had been closely following their budding romance.

While the couple had been spotted together at various events in both Chicago and London, this marked the first time that Hudson had openly acknowledged their status.

Jennifer Hudson‘s dating history is relatively succinct, with her most notable long-term relationship being with David Otunga, lasting a decade.

In contrast, Common has been linked to a string of high-profile celebrities, including Tiffany Haddish and Taraji P. Henson.

With Common’s history of dating strong, successful women, some fans have speculated about his willingness to commit to a long-term relationship.

“Common is basically a rites of passage at this point. They lose a chunk of time but he’s otherwise mostly harmless and the women usually call it off. She just needs to know he’s fully committed to boyfriendom,” read one tweet.

Another X user wrote: “If you told me you had rapper Common dating Jennifer Hudson n the slot for this year i tell you it makes sense cause both got baggage and Common a player.”

“@common Does this perpetually. Start dating a woman he works with then after a few months he dumps them. Talking about he ain’t ready,” read a third comment about Common’s dating practices and perceived inability to commit for the long-haul.

Their public appearances and Hudson’s recent confirmation have shed more light on their budding romance. As fans eagerly await further details about the couple, it’s safe to say that Jennifer Hudson and her mystery man are the talk of the town.

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