Influencer Behind ‘Christian BBL’ Faces Health Setback: Reveals Abdomen Infection Months After Procedure

by Gee NY
Image Credit: @sophiologyofficial

Texas-based content creator Sophia Idahosa, known as Sophiology on social media, stirred controversy last December when she shared her experience with what she called “Christian BBL”.

Idahosa had revealed the procedure combining liposuction and fat transfer to her hips, back in December 2023.

Her decision sparked a backlash from both her Christian followers and Nigerian family members. In response, Idahosa rebranded her procedure as the “Christian BBL” in an attempt to sarcastically clap back at critics.

However, months after the procedure, Idahosa has revealed that her post-surgery journey has been far from smooth. In a recent YouTube vlog, she disclosed that she had been experiencing pain for weeks during her recovery period.

While seeking medical attention, she discovered an infection on her abdomen that was causing her sickness and hindering her healing process.

The infection, believed to be caused by her faja, a body-shaping garment, forced her to postpone follow-up appointments with her surgeon, Dr. Calvin Jung.

Despite the setbacks, Idahosa remains optimistic, expressing gratitude for medical treatment and sharing her determination to continue her healing journey.

She stated that her intention was never to mock God with her “Christian BBL” vlog but rather to attract Christian followers who criticized her decision to undergo plastic surgery.

Despite facing criticism and challenges, Idahosa has not expressed regret over her decision.

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