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.Charli Baltimore Develops Rare Bone Infection Following Leg Surgery

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Tiffany Lane, aka Charli Baltimore. is currently on bed rest after contracting a rare bone infection. The rapper first went to the hospital in August for surgery on her leg. She also began logging her journey through Instagram posts.


She flaunted her new "Red Bottom" cast in a post, joking that her surgeon "may have been listening to that Cardi B pre-surgery."


It wasn't until this month that the rapper revealed she had contracted a rare bone infection following the surgery. Baltimore says she has had to undergo four additional surgeries and a blood transfusion.

"The infection actually ate thru my incisions down to the bone till it was visable!!! Straight out of a horror movie !!!" she shared in a post.


She has since been released and is now at home, being treated for the infection.

Get well soon, Ms. Baltimore!