Gabrielle Union Claps Back at Critics Over Age Difference with Dwyane Wade, Says Love Knows No Bounds

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Gabrielle Union is not one to shy away from confronting critics who question her and husband Dwyane Wade’s age difference.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Union, 51, discussed how her own life mirrors the storyline of her new film, “The Idea of You,” a romantic comedy about a spring/winter romance.

The movie, starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine, revolves around a woman in her 40s who finds herself attracted to a young musician in his 20s, challenging societal norms about age and love.

Union, both an actress and producer in the film, sees parallels between her character’s journey and her own experiences with her 42-year-old retired NBA All-Star spouse.

“I can relate to that story. I happen to be an older gal with a younger fella,” Union stated during the interview to drum home the importance of feeling truly seen and loved.

Union’s portrayal in the film resonates deeply with her own life, as she has faced similar scrutiny and opinions regarding her relationship with Wade, who is nine years her junior. Wade’s mother initially questioned their relationship, a scenario Union drew upon for her role in the movie.

“I lived it,” Union recalled. “Being with someone who’s nine years younger than me and dealing with it. In the very beginning, [Wade’s mother] was like … ‘What do you want?’ … So you pull from those things.”

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Despite external judgments, Union remains steadfast in her love for Wade, emphasizing that she refused to let others dictate her choices in her personal life.

The couple, who married in 2014, share a blended family, including their 5-year-old daughter Kaavia James and Wade’s two children from previous relationships, as well as his adopted nephew, Dahveon Morris.

While discussions about their age difference may occasionally resurface, Union and Wade continue to navigate their relationship with grace and love.

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