From Pandemic Hobby to Prosperity: Sydney Newton’s Ice Cream Business Sweetens Baltimore’s Belair-Edison Area

by Gee NY

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when many faced uncertainty and challenges, Sydney Newton, a resilient Black mother from Baltimore, turned a simple hobby into a thriving business venture, bringing joy and sweetness to her community.

The journey began when the pandemic disrupted Newton’s life, leaving her unemployed and searching for ways to uplift her family’s spirits.

Faced with boredom and the need for creative outlets, Newton decided to experiment with homemade ice cream recipes. What started as a family activity quickly gained attention for its delicious flavors and innovative combinations.

Newton’s homemade ice cream hobby soon evolved into Sydney’s Ice Creams, a delivery service that garnered popularity through word of mouth and social media.

Encouraged by family and friends, Newton began sharing her creations on Instagram, leading to increased demand from eager customers craving her unique flavors.

As Newton’s reputation grew, so did her ambitions. This spring, Sydney’s Ice Creams will transition from a home-based operation to a brick-and-mortar shop located at 3432 Belair Road in Northeast Baltimore’s Belair-Edison area.

With the support of neighborhood redevelopment initiatives, Newton secured funding for the venture, highlighting her determination to turn her dreams into reality.

The upcoming grand opening of Sydney’s Ice Creams promises to be a celebration of community and creativity. Newton plans to introduce a wide range of flavors, from classic favorites like birthday cake to innovative creations like cherry cheesecake.

Through weekend pop-ups and special events leading up to the official opening, Newton aims to tantalize taste buds and build excitement among locals.

Beyond serving delectable treats, Newton envisions Sydney’s Ice Creams as a hub for community engagement and connection. Growing up in the Belair-Edison area, Newton hopes her business will become a gathering place for families and friends, fostering a sense of unity and belonging.

Community leaders like John Watkins anticipate positive impacts from Sydney’s Ice Creams, predicting job creation and increased foot traffic in the neighborhood.

Newton’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her community inspire aspiring business owners and residents alike, demonstrating the power of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

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