Songstress Tiffany Gouche Drops “Dive” + “Down” | @TiffanyGouche

by Yah Yah

Inglewood, CA native and R&B songbird Tiffany Gouché is back with not one but two singles, “Dive” and “Down” – her first releases in two years. Premiered on, Tiffany had this to say about the songs:

“These songs are about the first time being single ever. So it’s kind of liberating. I get to foster these beautiful relationships and meet people. So these songs were just expressing two different women I’ve met in this process. This one girl in “Dive” where we’re both busy, but both like each other. But if it ever came to that time, I would go all in. Another girl I met, we’re cool, I met her in the U.K., and she’s chill.I wanted a smooth record people could listen to, but also when it comes to showcasing my musicianship more. “Down” is going to give more of that live experience.”

Stream the self-produced tracks below.

Read her full Billboard interview here.

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