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Toni Braxton has shared that CBD has helped her to cope with lupus, the autoimmune disease she has struggled with for decades — now Braxton has partnered up with co-founder Garrett Greller’s CBD and hemp topical brand Uncle Bud’s.

Braxton says that after she was first diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2008, doctors told her that she would need a heart transplant. They also told her that she might never be able to grace the stage again.

“I remember being petrified,” Braxton told Business Insider. “I was scared. I didn’t know anything about lupus.”

Fortunately, Braxton did not need that transplant, but the disease would render her near helpless at times through the course of her career but never keeping her out of the game.

Since her diagnosis in 2008, Braxton has developed microvascular angina and blood clots.

“As a result, I have microvascular angina, I have thick blood, which means that my blood clots. It was a lot of different things. Of the lupuses, I have the worst — but of the worst, I have the best. I’m always trying to be positive about it,” she said.

But she says that CBD has made a difference.

“For me, it wasn’t a lot of things I was turning to because everything was all prescription medications. I was often over medicated, I found. I said, “I’m taking all these medications, I need something else,” and for me Uncle Bud’s was a great alternative because it’s natural and it works. And it doesn’t get you high — that was important to me as a mom.”

You can read Toni’s entire BI interview here.