Toni Braxton Urges Everyone To Get Regular Health Checkups After Life-Threatening Lupus Scare

by Gee NY

Toni Braxton is sending a powerful message to the public about the importance of regular health checkups, especially in the wake of her own life-threatening experience.

Braxton, famous for her hit song “Breathe Again,” recently shared her journey and highlighted the significance of regular health checks and blood work during an interview with The Grio, published on October 19.

Fifteen years ago, Braxton received a diagnosis of lupus nephritis, a chronic autoimmune disease that leads the body to attack its healthy tissues, as described by the Lupus Foundation of America.

This condition can manifest with symptoms such as joint pain and swelling, headaches, chest pain, light sensitivity, hair loss, and rashes. Furthermore, approximately 30 percent of lupus nephritis patients face the risk of kidney failure.

Braxton revealed that a routine checkup ultimately saved her life. In September 2022, she underwent emergency surgery after blood work revealed the severe impact of the disease on her heart. The results showed that 80 percent of her left main coronary artery was blocked, necessitating a coronary stent to prevent a heart attack.

The singer emphasized the life-saving importance of regular checkups, recalling that she had initially hesitated to visit the doctor.

“I wasn’t going to go to the doctor’s last year about this time,” Braxton said, “I would not be here today if I had not gone to the doctor’s if someone hadn’t pushed me. It literally saved my life going to the doctor’s and getting that blood work. That’s part of the reason that I’m still here today.”

During Lupus Awareness Month in May, Braxton disclosed that her skin, hair, kidneys, and her ability to perform had been affected by the disease. Due to lupus, she can only manage to perform two to three shows each week, which has limited her ability to tour extensively. She expressed her love for performing and touring, but she acknowledged her physical limitations, saying, “My body’s not gonna let me do that. But I always try to find the silver lining. Maybe I can do two to three shows a week.”

Braxton has joined forces with the “Get Uncomfortable With Lupus Nephritis” campaign, which encourages people to undergo lupus tests and blood work, even if it involves uncomfortable tasks like providing urine samples. She praised the campaign’s slogan, “Peeing in a Cup Sucks,” calling it “genius.”

The 55-year-old artist is actively raising awareness about lupus and even appeared on Fox11’s “Good Day LA” to promote The Lupus Foundation of America’s Walk to End Lupus Now event in Los Angeles, which took place on September 30. Braxton enthusiastically encouraged her Los Angeles fans to participate in the event.

Braxton also made headlines in October by sharing a revealing picture of herself on Instagram. In the photo, she was in her “birthday suit” but retained her modesty by draping a robe over certain areas. Braxton emphasized that she experiences both good and bad days but feels fortunate to be alive, considering the severity of her condition.

The Lupus Foundation of America reports that approximately 1.5 million people in the United States suffer from lupus, making Braxton’s advocacy for awareness and regular health checkups all the more crucial.

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