Draya Michele Faces Criticism For Allegedly Dating Basketball Star Jalen Green Who’s About Same Age As Her Son

by Gee NY

Former “Basketball Wives” star Draya Michele has ignited a social media debate after rumors circulated about her relationship with 21-year-old basketball sensation Jalen Green.

The 39-year-old reality TV personality’s connection with Green, who is about the same age as her son Kniko Howard, has raised questions about age differences and societal perceptions.

Michele and Green reportedly started dating last year, prompting discussions around grooming and drawing comparisons to instances where older men date significantly younger women.

Critics argue that Michele’s behavior may be seen as predatory, especially given the age similarity between Green and her son.

On the other hand, some defend the couple, highlighting that both are consenting adults, and age gaps exist in many high-profile relationships.

The controversy has drawn attention to double standards, with mentions of other celebrity couples like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, and Alec Baldwin and Hilaria, where substantial age differences have been accepted without as much scrutiny.

Social media users express divided opinions, with some condemning Michele’s relationship as inappropriate, while others argue that age shouldn’t be a decisive factor in consenting adult relationships.

“I can’t lie i don’t see what a 39 year old woman and mom (Draya Michele) and a 21 year old single man (Jalen Green) have in common,” replied one user.

“Draya Michele’s a predator & her son is supposedly the same age as JG. S—ts crazy,” said one individual on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter.

Other X users thought there was nothing wrong with the couple dating.

“A famous dude that’s 50 could marry a 17 year old women right now and no one would bring it up. She with him cause she’s grown and they like each other,” wrote one.

“I see why people are concerned about Draya Michele and Jalen Green. However, perhaps Draya just wanted a man with less bodies,” added another.

The debate on social media focused heavily on the broader societal norms regarding age gaps in romantic partnerships.

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