Anum Abdullah’s ‘The Never Ending Life’ Helps Readers Thrive in the Fiercest of Adversity

by Yah Yah

British author Anum Abdullah has not had an easy life, but over the years she has found a way to overcome adversity and live out loud. The key is that Abdullah doesn’t let adversity control her, but instead turns each challenge into an opportunity to emerge that little bit stronger.

Naturally, a stream of such events has compelled Abdullah to develop a unique coping strategy – a constant reminder that the outcome of each struggle is driven by how it was originally perceived. In her beautiful and frankly life-changing new book, Abdullah shares her transformation with the world.


The Never Ending Life is an exploration of the twist between the brutal realities of life along with the fictitious happy ever afters that we all long for. A real story about all the different ingredients that when mixed together create the unique blend which is what we call…life.

Each chapter in this book is one that we go through at the different stages and stops in our journey. Each chapter in our lives adds to our story and contributes towards the individual we turn into.

Each story explores the powerful emotions that human beings have the ability to experience and analyses them in a way that touches the heart and brain.

“This book literally covers the entire lifecycle of each of my readers,” explains the author. “…Their emotions, experiences, dreams and how everything ultimately ties together. Many of us feel lost in life right now, and I hope my words bring clarity to the confused, and serve as a reminder that our true strength and direction is already burning deep inside of us. This book is a roadmap to grabbing it by the horns.” 

Continuing, “I’ve always found immense solace in writing, especially at times when I’ve been dealing with the darkest corners of existence. All of our experiences are universal so, while my adversity has of course been very unique and personal to me, it is ultimately a collective struggle we can triumph over together.”

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