Jillian Hishaw: Young Attorney Is Fighting For Black Farmers After Her Family’s Land Was Stolen

by Gee NY

Young female attorney Jillian Hishaw is making waves as she fights for the rights of Black farmers, drawing from her own family’s painful experience of land theft.

As an author, agricultural attorney, and leader of a nonprofit organization, Hishaw dedicates herself to preserving land ownership for Black farming communities through legal advocacy, in what is a powerful commitment to justice,

The journey began when Hishaw’s family faced a devastating loss as her grandfather’s 40 acres of land in Oklahoma were stolen. An attorney, entrusted with the responsibility of paying the farm’s taxes, betrayed the family’s trust by keeping the money and selling the land.

The shocking revelation came to light when the family discovered the land’s transformation, with their home replaced by an oil pump. This discovery led them to suspect that the theft was motivated by the knowledge of valuable oil beneath the land.

Undeterred by this injustice, Hishaw embarked on a path of education and empowerment. Armed with a law degree and a master’s in agricultural law, she has established her own legal practice and an international nonprofit.

Through these platforms, Hishaw strives to provide crucial legal assistance to Black farmers, working tirelessly to prevent further land loss and ensure fair treatment within the agricultural sector.

“The legacy that my grandfather wanted me to leave is lost, but hopefully, through these farm cases, it can be restored,” Hishaw expressed, encapsulating her determination to rectify the wrongs inflicted upon her family and countless others.

Jillian Hishaw’s story is not only a testament to her resilience but also a rallying cry for justice within the Black farming community.

As she fights for their rights through the legal system, Hishaw stands as a beacon of hope, aiming to rewrite the narrative and secure a more equitable future for Black farmers.

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