Sheryl Grant: 61-Year-Old Bodybuilding Phenom Wants Another “Ms. Olympia” Title

by Gee NY

Professional bodybuilder Sheryl Grant is aiming to secure her second title as Ms. Olympia as she gears up for the upcoming competition in November.

At 55 years old, Grant clinched the title of Ms. Olympia in 2017, but now, at the age of 61, she is training rigorously for this year’s competition, and she’s taking her followers along on her journey.

Grant’s mission is to inspire people worldwide by demonstrating that age is just a number and that individuals can achieve their goals at any stage of life.

She conveyed this message on her Instagram, stating, “On this journey to Ms. Olympia at 60+, my goal is to reach 50 million people around the globe, letting them know that age is just a number and that they can achieve their goals at any age!”

In another Instagram post, Grant reflected on the challenges of preparing for her second Ms. Olympia competition, saying, “Starting the journey to Ms. Olympia for the second time is difficult, but it has opened my eyes in ways I never thought imaginable.”

Grant also shared some insights into how she maintains her remarkable shape at her age, emphasizing the importance of a strong core for more effective workouts. She noted that a strong core enables her to perform a wider range of exercises while maintaining proper form to maximize each movement’s effectiveness.

As she strives to achieve her new goal, Sheryl Grant is encouraging others to join her FIT for Life community, a platform she launched to help individuals transform their bodies and minds. This social entrepreneur, recognized as a leading AgeTech advocate, oversees initiatives focusing on women’s entrepreneurship.

FIT for Life goes beyond physical fitness; it encompasses mental strength, forming the foundation for transformation. According to the FIT for Life website, “Being FIT means having Faith, Intuition & Tenacity and acts as a guide to help us fulfill our potential.”

FIT for Life members have the opportunity to participate in live sessions with the 61-year-old fitness icon. These sessions include daily motivation calls, monthly workshops, and access to various courses, as well as the chance to connect with Grant’s personal network of experts and coaches. Grant’s dedication to promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle serves as an inspiration for all who seek to achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

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