Meet The 2 Fabulous Ladies Behind America’s First Black-Owned Ice Skating Academy

by Gee NY

The Dream Detroit Skating Academy is a pioneering figure skating academy founded by Angela Blocker-Loyd and Candice Tamakloe, both of whom are accomplished African American figure skaters from Detroit, Michigan.

Their journey began when they crossed paths at the Berkley Ice Arena. Blocker-Loyd, at the age of 9, was just beginning her figure skating adventure, while Tamakloe, 14, took her under her wing, fostering a mentorship that went beyond the ice.

Despite their personal success in figure skating, Blocker-Loyd and Tamakloe couldn’t help but notice the glaring lack of representation and opportunities for the youth of Detroit in the world of figure skating.

This realization served as a catalyst for them to take action and make a meaningful change.

In response to this pressing need, they embarked on a mission to establish an inclusive and affordable figure skating academy: The Dream Detroit Skating Academy.

The academy was born, with a primary goal of offering comprehensive lessons to youngsters as young as 4 years old. Their mission is clear: to bridge the existing gap in representation and opportunity within the realm of figure skating.

Blocker-Loyd and Tamakloe’s shared vision for their academy isn’t solely about training future figure skating champions but about empowering the Detroit youth.

By providing access to quality coaching and fostering an inclusive environment, they aim to inspire a new generation of skaters.

Their commitment to making figure skating more accessible and diverse reflects a profound dedication to their community and a desire to see Detroit’s youth excel in the sport.

The Dream Detroit Skating Academy is not only breaking barriers but also shattering stereotypes. As the first Black-owned figure skating academy in Detroit and Michigan, it symbolizes a pivotal step towards a more inclusive and representative future for the sport of figure skating.

Angela Blocker-Loyd and Candice Tamakloe have not only demonstrated their prowess on the ice but have also showcased their leadership and vision by providing a platform where dreams can take flight for Detroit’s young figure skaters.

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