This Sharp-Brained 13-Year-Old Girl Can Solve 34 Math Problems In 172 Seconds

by Gee NY

The power of 13-year-old Nasara James Dabo’s brain is something out of a fictional story. It’s powerful.

In an extraordinary display of talent and determination, the junior student hailing from the North Central region of Nigeria achieved a groundbreaking feat at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) training held in Kaduna State.

Despite facing challenges stemming from her region’s economic and social circumstances, Nasara’s exceptional mathematical prowess shone brightly, earning her a gold medal and the distinguished title of Olympiad champion.

The IMO, a globally renowned mathematics competition for secondary school students with participants from over 100 countries across five continents, demands rigorous training to enhance problem-solving abilities, aiming to excel in the challenging contest.

Nasara, a junior student at Ideal College International in Kaduna, defied all odds by swiftly answering 34 mathematical questions in less than three minutes, securing her victory with an impressive score of 145.

Outshining 150 participants in the junior category, she emerged as the first-place winner, bringing home a well-deserved gold medal.

Her remarkable achievement gains even more significance considering the challenges faced by her region.

Recent data from the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) reveals a staggering increase in the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria, reaching an estimated 18.5 million in 2022 due to attacks on schools by a terrorist group based in the northern part of the country.

Nasara’s triumph serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and determination, illustrating that young girls can achieve extraordinary feats when provided with quality education.

Her story acts as a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the potential within every child, regardless of their background or circumstances.

In a world where obstacles may seem insurmountable, Nasara James Dabo’s achievement reminds us that with resilience, dedication, and the right opportunities, individuals can rise above adversity and shine brightly, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars.

Her victory not only celebrates her talent but also symbolizes hope, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of young girls across the globe.

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