BeyonJay Drops ‘Everything Is Love’, Internet Breaks

by Thembisa Mshaka

Beyoncé and Jay Z dropped a surprise joint album today, June 16. The symbolism of it coming on 2Pac’s birthday isn’t lost on Shine My Crown, either. The On The Run concept saw its genesis with the 2Pac classic “Me & My Girlfriend” being revisited by the megastar power couple on “Bonnie & Clyde” back in 2002. Sixteen years, a marriage, a betrayal, a reconciliation, 3 children, several hit single collaborations, a joint tour and several albums later between them, they embarked on the On The Run II (OTR2) tour on June 6, opening in Cardiff. They also shot a video for “Apesh*t” to kick off the album release…in The Louvre. Now that’s gangsta. The album and video are on TIDAL. You know how they do. Hat tip to publicists Yvette Noel Schure (Bey) and Jana Fleishman (Jay) for the clinic on how not to leak a hush project year after year.

We have a feeling Nas and Kanye are wondering where their Internet buzz on #NASIR went. Hint: It’s on the run–but everything is love. For OTR2 tickets when they hit the US, click here:

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