Life After A Life Sentence: How You Can Help Alice Marie Johnson

by Shine My Crown Staff

You may have only heard about Alice Marie Johnson’s egregious life sentence for her non violent drug related offenses once Kim Kardashian West took her clemency plea to the White House. But what you may not know is that Color of Change sponsored a petition to grant her clemency long before that now infamous photo op: over 271,000 people signed that petition. Then, Johnson’s story went viral via a story. 

And while this commutation was part of #45’s never-ending play for “ratings” in his reality show  sendup of a presidency, the new challenges of life after incarceration are very real. Now that Johnson is home, she needs all the support she can get to begin again after serving 22 years behind bars–that’s the equivalent of a violent crime sentence. Tretessa Johnson, Alice’s daughter, started a fundraiser–and you can donate here:

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