Brazil’s Bruna Valim Becomes the First Black Woman to Win Miss Universe Santa Catarina: ‘I Cried a Lot’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Brazilian actress and model Bruna Valim has made history by becoming the first Black woman to win Santa Catarina’s, Miss Universe.

Valim celebrated the victory on her Instagram page.

“The journey to Miss Universe Santa Catarina had lonely moments, when I was far from those who had always been close to such important moments. The day before, I was arranging everything by myself, I cried a lot feeling the weight of lonely moments and other difficulties”, she wrote.

Bruna da Silva Valim , 27, represented the municipality of Otacílio Costa. She has lived there since she was two years old. She was born in Santana do Araguaia, in Pará.

Valim currently works at a financial education startup in Itapema, in Vale do Itajaí. In the past, she has entered several beauty contests and pageants. She even participated in the Miss Universe Santa Catarina 2020 in Balneário Camboriú, where she came second.

She says she did not expect to win: “We always have our insecurities, moments that we believe in, others that we don’t know so much anymore… Because they were very prepared girls, wonderful girls with very impacting life trajectories. All of them. they made a lot of effort and worked hard to be there. I feel very honored to represent these girls at Miss Universe Brazil,” she told Quem.

She will now move on to represent Santa Catarina next month for the title of Miss Universe Brazil.

“I prayed: If it’s to win and not love the trajectory, give my best, that another Miss can represent the state in the MUB. But if God gives me this blessing of being Miss Universe Santa Catarina, it’s because I’m ready to do a good job and I will embrace it with all my heart. So God announced and his will was done,” Valim writes.

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