Woman Hits $90,000 Jackpot, Decides to Quit Job: ‘I Was Unhappy With My Job And God Made A Way’

by Gee NY
Reshawn Toliver

Reshawn Toliver, a resident of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, hit the jackpot last month when one of the five $5 Wild Cash Multiplier Scratch-off tickets she purchased revealed three “7” symbols.

The Kentucky Lottery announced Toliver’s win, stating that she won a total of $90,000.

“I screamed!” Toliver exclaimed to lottery officials, recalling the moment she discovered her win. Her boyfriend and son rushed into the room upon hearing her excitement. “I’ve never hollered that loud before,” she added.

Initially, Toliver thought she had won just another $5, but when she realized the magnitude of her win, she was overcome with emotion.

“I needed to calm down. I was lost for a minute,” she said. “One minute, it’s like breathe, the next minute, it’s like stop laughing. I can hear the scream over and over again in my head.”

After collecting her thoughts, Toliver drove to Kentucky Lottery headquarters in Louisville to claim her prize. She received a check for $64,800 after taxes, a significant sum that prompted her to make a life-changing decision—to quit her job.

“I was unhappy with my job and God made a way,” Toliver explained, adding that she would be seeking other employment opportunities. “I felt bad leaving but I’m relieved.”

In addition to Toliver’s windfall, Skyline Fuel, the retailer where she purchased her winning ticket, will receive $900 for selling the winning ticket, according to lottery officials.

Toliver’s story of unexpected luck echoes another recent lottery winner’s experience.

Miriam Long of Christiansburg, Virginia, accidentally hit the wrong button on a machine at a CVS store in Blacksburg, intending to purchase a Mega Millions ticket. However, she ended up winning $1 million in the Powerball lottery instead.

“It’s the best mistake of my life!” Long exclaimed to Virginia Lottery officials.

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