Mother And Son Propel Black-Owned Beauty Supply Store With 7-Figure Expansion

by Gee NY

Nneka Slade, 49, and her son Kameron Coleman, 25, are making significant strides in the beauty supply industry with their Ohio-based store, Play Beauty Supply, located in Richmond Heights.

Since acquiring the store in 2020, they have recently sealed a lucrative deal worth seven figures to expand their footprint across Ohio.

According to a report by AfroTech, Slade expressed her astonishment at their journey:

“We never dreamed about this happening. We didn’t even know what was going to happen but if we failed, we were going to fail big, something like this doesn’t happen.”

Their expansion efforts took a major step forward in March when they acquired another beauty supply store, Star Beauty Plus, located in Maple Heights. Despite the generation gap between them, Slade and Coleman attribute the success of their business to the valuable lessons they have learned from each other.

Coleman highlighted the synergy between their roles:

“She leans on me to bring in the new 21st-century ideas, the delivery, websites, marketing. It’s a balance with each other.” In contrast, Slade touched on their complementary strengths: “I’m more of the left brain-organized, structured, and Kameron is more of the right brain-creative, risk taker. There’s a nice balance that happens.”

The rarity of Black-owned beauty supply stores in Ohio adds significance to their venture. Slade, who boasts three decades of experience as a cosmetologist, ensures that Play Beauty Supply caters specifically to minority communities.

“People that come in now to the store are excited to see that it’s Black-owned,” she shared. “They come in shedding tears because they can buy the products they need for their hair.”

Before acquiring Play Beauty Supply, Slade and Coleman initially ventured into e-commerce, focusing on selling hair extensions.

Their decision to establish a physical storefront came after engaging closely with hair salons and stylists to promote their products effectively.

The support from customers has been overwhelming, with visitors traveling from Akron and Canton areas to patronize their stores. Slade expressed gratitude for the community’s backing: “We are so happy about the support we have received.”

With their recent expansion and community-focused approach, Slade and Coleman are poised to further cement their presence in the beauty supply industry, offering a vital resource for minority hair care needs across Ohio.

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