Fall Fashion Inspiration from @KahlanaBarfield

by Yah Yah

If you haven’t heard of Kahlana Barfield Brown, you need to look her up immediately! This Seattle-born Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-large for Instyle magazine is fashion G.O.A.L.S. Her impeccable sense of style is sure to inspire even those most uninterested in fashion.

Kahlana’s story is one of dedication and hard work. After graduating from Howard, she immediately got into the fashion business as an intern at Suede magazine, packing boxes and doing all the unglamorous things you don’t associate with fashion magazines. She then got an internship with Instyle, and has been there ever since. Barfield is now a regular on TV’s most popular talk shows, walks the most coveted red carpets and has her own fashion installation at Barney’s.

From a simple glance at her Instagram, Barfield’s carefully curated style exudes elegance and boss-chicness. From over-sized trench coats to crisp culottes and Chanel bags, this Instyle editor’s wardrobe is the one to look to for fall fashion inspiration.

All Red Everything

It’s official, the power red is here to stay. From sleek coats at Givenchy and Armani to maroon boots at Fendi, it looks like red is the official color for the season. And if Barfield’s Instagram is any indication, she agrees.

Over-sized Pants

Over-sized pants are awesome for the chilly Fall weather.


Hats are a staple in Barfield’s wardrobe all year-round. From the fedoras to the Panama, hats can transform a simple everyday look into a chic one.

Interesting Prints & Patterns

Introduce a pop of color to your Fall wardrobe with these prints and patterns.


Denim is an all-time favorite of this fashion maven. From jean jackets to chambray shirts, this versatile classic should become a staple in your Fall closet too!

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