Is SZA Retiring From Music?

by Yah Yah

SZA’s career has really skyrocketed since the release of her album, Ctrl. Not only did the album receive five Grammy nominations, but she has also landed endorsement deals with Mastercard and clothing giants, GAP.

But despite her success, the “Supermodel” singer is claiming that deep down, she is not happy. SZA also stated that her sophomore album will be her last.

In a recent interview with FLAUNT, she said:

“My world got so much smaller so fast. I have so much to write about. I feel like I’m in a cage… I’m making the best album of my life for this next album, and I know that… because it’s going to be my last album.”

She continues “I just decided to focus on other sh*t,” she says, “and I started working on my inner self—how I feel, and regulating my energy. And then the world around me got better.”

Is SZA craving a “normal” life away from the spotlight?

“I thought I’d be a scientist, traveling around the world on some etymology sh*t,” SZA told Flaunt. “Or working for Greenpeace. Or working in an animal conservatory. Or working at a law firm with a popping corner office and a Porsche. Maybe fashion. Marketing or advertising. I just knew that I was going to have a large gate and a dog that I loved…. I always knew that. It’s just what I required in that regard. My dreams were too strong. And I need the things I dream about.”

Since the very beginning, we all fell in love with SZA’s music. She’s talented. Carefree and unafraid. She is the embodiment of #BlackGirlMagic

Please, SZA, don’t leave us!

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