Dana White: Visionary Entrepreneur Makes History As First Black Woman To Own Hair Salon Franchise

by Gee NY

In a groundbreaking achievement, Dana White has shattered barriers by becoming the first Black woman to franchise a hair salon business in 2021.

This remarkable milestone is a testament to her unwavering commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.

White is the visionary CEO and founder behind Paralee Boyd, an innovative beauty salon model based in Detroit. Launched in 2012, this salon represents a solution to a common problem in the hair industry: the lengthy hours clients spend at traditional salons.

White’s approach draws inspiration from the principles of “lean manufacturing,” a technique borrowed from the automotive industry, which focuses on reducing production and response times.

For many clients, spending an entire day at the salon is an issue, and White’s mission was to change that. By embracing the concept of “lean manufacturing,” she aimed to streamline the salon experience, offering top-quality services in less time and at affordable prices.

As White explains, “Why do something in four steps when you can do it in one or two?” This philosophy has been the driving force behind Paralee Boyd’s success.

How a Paralee Boyd salon looks on the inside

The inspiration for the salon’s name, Paralee Boyd, comes from White’s maternal grandmother, a strong and resilient figure.

Paralee Boyd was born in Camp Branch, Kentucky, and represented the first generation in her family not to work as domestic labor for the same family that had employed and enslaved her ancestors since 1821.

Paralee was known in her community as an approachable, caring soul, always ready to lend an ear and offer hospitality.

She left everyone who visited her home feeling better than when they arrived. Dana White’s salon strives to embody the same welcoming and uplifting spirit, honoring her grandmother’s legacy.

Dana White’s journey is not only a celebration of her remarkable success but also a story of empowerment, innovation, and a commitment to providing a better salon experience for all. It’s a testament to her dedication and an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the world.

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