Block Love Charlotte: This Non-Profit Is Bringing Empowerment Through Restoration And Advocacy

by Gee NY
Deborah Woolard, founder of Block Love Charlotte. Photo courtesy of Deborah Woolard

In the heart of Charlotte, Block Love Charlotte is making a significant impact by extending a helping hand to individuals facing hardships in the communities.

With a mission centered on restoration, resources, education, and essential tools, Block Love CLT is dedicated to empowering individuals to become self-sufficient while advocating for their needs and human rights.

By offering education and practical tools, the organization aims to empower individuals in the community. Importantly, love is at the core of their approach as they strive to instill self-sufficiency and raise awareness about the needs and human rights of those facing adversity.

Along with 9 other organisations, Blavity recently named Block Love Charlotte among Black-led community service organisations making a “real” impact.

Founded by Deborah D Woolard, the organization’s vision extends beyond immediate assistance. The idea for Block Love Charlotte started in 2014 when Woolard went out with her kids to try and meet the needs of people on the streets of uptown Charlotte. While many people referred to those people as homeless, Woolard calls them neighbors.

Last year, the organisation received $230,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act from the city of Charlotte to enhance its work.

Block Love Charlotte aspires to enhance the quality of life for individuals experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, and single parenthood—one block at a time.

By focusing on local communities, the organization seeks to create a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

In December of every year, dozens of people stop by to pick up a warm meal and supplies ahead of the rigid evening all thanks to Block Love Charlotte.

Block Love Charlotte understands the significance of collaboration. Through partnerships with businesses and agencies, the organization aims to amplify its impact by leveraging additional resources.

By forging connections beyond local boundaries, Block Love Charlotte envisions making a difference not only in Charlotte but globally.

The commitment of Block Love Charlotte goes beyond providing immediate relief. Through education and advocacy, the organization strives to address the root causes of homelessness, domestic violence, and challenges faced by single fathers.

The organisation’s holistic approach seeks to bring about lasting change and create a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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