‘It’s Givin’ $95K: Latto Auctions Off the Thongs Trolls Accused Her of Wearing More Than Once

by Xara Aziz

Atlanta rapper Latto has clapped back at haters who criticized her because they thought she wore the same pair of underwear on two separate occasions.

It all began when a Twitter user posted side-by-side pics of the Big Energy star wearing the same styled leopard-print thongs. In one picture, she is seen wearing the thongs underneath a pink Juicy velour tracksuit. In the other, she is seen wearing the same style underneath a pair of denim jeans.

“Can’t afford new panties?” the tweet read. It led the 24-year-old to respond by writing: “Oh no, it’s the panty police.”

The tweet erupted into #pantygate with hundreds of users chiming in with their own commentary.

“Ugh folks act like you can’t wash clothes and wear em again,” one fan commented.

“Bruh there’s packs of like 12 or more you can get on Amazon that all look like that lol,” another wrote.

She then decided to post a picture of her thong collection featuring numerous pairs of the same underwear, proving that she owns more than one. She then recorded video of her showing fans her entire panty drawer.

“Imagine having to post photos of your panties to prove a point to strangers on the internet,” one Twitter wrote.

“when someone feeds into the trolling and plays along… that means y’all need to find something else.. cause y’all just helped her put more money in her pocket.. somebody really paid $90,000 for her underwear.. y’all actually helped her more than hurting her,” one user wrote.

She then posted the panties on eBay, listing them for 99 cents. Bids poured in, reaching close to $95,000 before the site took it down because it violated its hygiene policy.

“Used underwear is not allowed on site please report any listings you see in breach of policy here,” the official eBay Twitter account wrote.

It didn’t end there. Even though she was unable to sell the thongs, she later shared a meme on her Instagram story that read: “Dad why doesn’t mommy live with us anymore?” with a bubble saying, “Because I spent $95,650 buying Latto’s panties.”

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