Jhene Aiko Talks Big Sean, Feminism & New Album With Manny Norte

by Yah Yah

Jhene Aiko aka Penny is doing the rounds in the U.K., promoting her upcoming album. During the promotional tour, she visited Captial Xtra‘s Manny Forte, to speak about her journey to success.

“Since 2014 I’ve been working on this album. It’s just been, you know… going through life and recording everything that I’m going through. Writing everything down. I turned it all into a short film and an album and a poetry book. So, that’s what’s been happening.”

The “Trip” artist speaks about the need to have self-control when you have an addictive personality but still enjoying the odd tipple. Her goal is to be teetotal. She also lets Matty know her birthday plans and is excited about her upcoming tour in Asia.

Aiko opens up a little about her loving relationship with Detroit rapper Big Sean
The couple has been together since 2016, but despite being such a high-profile couple, they rarely spill any unsolicited details on their union.

“I love myself enough for all of us. And it’s just about finding a partner – like an equal, you know? And it’s not about finding, like, a missing piece because I feel like I’m a complete person on my own. It’s an easier thing because I’m just looking for a friendship and a person to be there as a friend, not like, someone to “save me”…”

Watch the interview below.

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