Watch the Moment Whoopi Goldberg Stopped The View to Scold Audience Member: ‘Don’t Pull It Out Again!’

by Gee NY
Whoopi Goldberg told the man that she could see him recording on his phone. Image Credit: The View/ABC

During Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s “The View,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg took a moment to address an audience member who appeared to be more interested in recording the show than watching it live.

As the panelists delved into a discussion about former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud case, Goldberg noticed the individual in question pulling out their phone to record the proceedings.

Interrupting co-host Sunny Hostin mid-sentence, Goldberg directly addressed the audience member, stating:

“Sir, sir… I have to stop you with the camera, as I can see you.” She then approached the individual and politely requested, “Do me a favor: Don’t pull it out again. I’d appreciate that. Thank you.”

Goldberg’s intervention received applause from the audience, and the man was not shown on air.

This incident isn’t the first time Goldberg has had to deal with disruptions caused by audience members’ cell phones.

In June of last year, an alarm from the audience briefly halted the show, prompting Goldberg and her co-hosts to pause their discussion.

However, Goldberg swiftly addressed the situation with humor, jokingly referring to the interruption as a reminder for Hostin to read a legal note before the commercial break.

Many on social media have described Goldberg’s handling of these interruptions as a demonstration of her commitment to maintaining the integrity of the show’s production and ensuring that audience members respect the guidelines set for live tapings.

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