Meet Lady Unchained: The Woman Using Her Radio Show To Allow Inmates To Show Off Rap And Poetry Talents

by Gee NY
Lady Unchained, the host of Free Flow. Photograph: David Levene/The Guardian

Lady Unchained, the renowned poet, author, and broadcaster, is revolutionizing the airwaves with her “Free Flow” radio show on London’s National Prison Radio (NPR).

With a passion for empowering inmates through creative expression, Lady Unchained provides a platform for incarcerated individuals across the United Kingdom to showcase their rap and poetry talents.

In an interview with The Guardian, Lady Unchained shared her inspiration behind “Free Flow”:

“It’s a community of listeners who are going through personal journeys. Sometimes people aren’t even rapping. They’re just calling in to say: ‘Big up the guy who called in last because I felt what he was saying.’ That for me is everything.”

For over six years, Lady Unchained has been the driving force behind “Free Flow,” which attracts thousands of listeners each week.

Through the show, inmates have the opportunity to call in and freestyle over hip-hop instrumentals, sharing their music and spoken word pieces. Lady Unchained, drawing from her own experience as a former inmate, offers feedback and guidance, encouraging listeners to channel their experiences into positive creative outlets.

Reflecting on the impact of “Free Flow,” Lady Unchained revealed:

“I get messages all the time saying: ‘I’m out – thanks for playing my voice.’ We recognize that there is a massive community of people returning to society who had the show as their lifeline.”

Beyond its entertainment value, “Free Flow” serves as a therapeutic and rehabilitative tool, connecting inmates and providing a sense of community. Lady Unchained’s vision extends to transforming the narrative around ex-offenders, promoting a message of hope and redemption.

As Lady Unchained prepares to release a live spoken word album featuring inmates’ verses to Tupac Shakur’s “Changes,” her groundbreaking work continues to earn recognition.

Awards for best commercial partnership and best music entertainment show highlight the impact of “Free Flow” on the prison community.

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