Leikeli47 Brings The “Attitude” In Her New Video

by Yah Yah

Just yesterday, we posted the visual from duo VanJess for their single”Through Enough” which appeared on HBO’s Insecure’s second season. Rapper Leikeli47 has also just released a visual for a song of hers that appeared on the show’s soundtrack, “Attitude,” which is taken from her debut album Wash & Set.

“Brushed my hair, went downstairs/ Favorite jeans on my rear
/ And I looked up in my mirror/ And I said, “Who’s that there?/ Who’s that there in that mirror?”/ I don’t care, and they’re aware/ Now I see just why they stare/ I just pay them, I don’t care/I know…”

The video features a defiant Leikeli47 alongside Vogue-extraordinaire, Buffy Khan. In “Attitude” she pays tributes to her idols to Kelis and Beyoncé, as well as several visual nods to Insecure creator, Issa Rae, and her popular hit show.
It’s a fun, feel-good message and perfectly sums up #mood for many of us on any given day.

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