Nigerian Trans Influencer Jay Boogie Faces Health Crisis After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

by Gee NY

Renowned transgender Instagram personality Daniel Anthony Nsikan, popularly known as Jay Boogie, is currently in critical health condition following a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Jay Boogie, who boasts over 233,000 followers, shared the alarming news with the Instagram community, revealing that they experienced sepsis and acute kidney issues shortly after undergoing BBL and 360 Lipo procedures on October 30.

The influencer recounted the distressing ordeal of being shuttled between their cosmetic surgery location and a hospital.

In a plea for financial support, Jay Boogie disclosed wiping out their life savings and accumulating debt in the process of recovering from the surgeries.

The situation is particularly dire as Jay Boogie supports four siblings as the primary breadwinner.

In a health update on November 10, Jay Boogie asserted having no pre-existing health conditions before the procedures and highlighted adherence to medical advice by temporarily halting hormonal medications. The surgeries were performed by Dr. Chidinma Akpa at CGE Healthcare in Lagos, Nigeria, where Dr Chidinma is purportedly the owner.

Footage and images shared on November 18 documented Jay Boogie’s hospitalization, showing the influencer on a stretcher surrounded by medical equipment and tubes.

Public information about Jay Boogie’s pronouns is limited, with various outlets, X users, and CGE Healthcare using “he/him” identifiers for the trans-Nigerian figure.

In a social media post on November 18, Jay Boogie accused CGE Healthcare of dishonesty, disputing the facility’s claim that the influencer had made progress in kidney recovery. However, a statement from CGE Healthcare on November 21 asserted that Jay Boogie had been discharged, with no indication of the need for a kidney transplant.

Despite being dubbed the “popular loner,” Jay Boogie’s last photo on their main Instagram account dates back to late August.

The influencer’s backup account, with over 37,700 followers, features glamorous photos showcasing makeup, hair, and outfits.

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